Master bath; From the studs up!! Part 1: Demo

When we bought our fixer upper in late August of 2017, it was in pretty run down, but livable, condition. Most things were just out dated and needed minor cosmetic work to bring them back to life. That was not the case with our “so called” master bathroom!! In fact, it was so terrible, we shut the door and forgot it existed, until we were ready to gut it! I do not have any actual “before” pictures. The ones I will post here were taken after the blue floral paneling had already been removed. Let’s just say….it was hideous!! Did I mention there was peeling wallpaper on the ceiling and linoleum flooring that curled up in the corners? I shudder when I think about it! lol

Here are a few photos taken mid-demo…….

The lovely blue/gray shower. Minus the door.
I guess I did capture one shot of the paneling…..Unfortunately! lol
The matching blue/gray toilet. Be thankful the lid was closed! Ewwwww!!
And here it is fully gutted except for the ceiling.

As you can see, my husband had his work cut out for him! He not only completed the gut job himself, he also relocated and installed all new plumbing and wiring.

Follow along over the next few days as I will be blogging about each section as it was completed. You will be glad you did!

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come!!

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