Master bathroom part 2; Electrical, plumbing, tub install, tile install, primer, paint and trim!

So….. When I started this blog I promised myself that I would try to upload at least one post per day. My Sunday preview was just that. A preview! Now for the real post!

As you saw in part 1, the bathroom was down to the studs. This next part is gonna look so easy!! It was not! There was a LOT of measuring, planning and discussion on how we wanted this space to function. You should know that Scott and I work different shifts. I am on days and he is on nights! Gahhh!! lol To say it was easy planning this would be a lie! When he was ready to plan, I was ready to rest, and when I was ready to plan, he was ready to rest! lol It was a real challenge! We ended up finding common ground and finally got the plan in place. In the initial pictures I posted you can clearly see that the previous owners did not make good use of the space. We re-configured things quite a bit differently and managed to install a FULL bath rather than a 3/4 bath. I don’t know about you, but as a woman, there is no better stress relief than a long soak in a tub full of hot water and a full glass of wine! Just typing that relaxed me! lol Here are some pics of part 2!

Can you say double sink and multiple outlets!! YAY!!!!
The tub surround wall! I will never understand the single stall shower in a master bath…..
Lighting in process! That recessed light over the tub is a Bluetooth speaker! Heck yes!!
How about this awesome tub? It is so wide and deep!
It’s coming together!!! Drywall….Or green-board! it’s for high moisture areas.
Cement board for the tile!
Custom window trim! Did I mention my husband is AWESOME!
Waterproofing! Ready for the subway tile!
Plumbing and wiring almost complete! And we have a coat of primer!
Custom door trim to match the window….Just wow! Wait until you see it painted!
And here comes the subway tile!
I am feeling great about my choices!!
I do not have any regrets about this marble flooring! LOVE!!!!
And…..Crown, paint, trim, tile, floor and vanity installed!! Reveal pics coming in part 3! Stay tuned!!

See? Didn’t that look easy! lol I have more stories to tell about this project so stay tuned for part 3! You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

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