When I was growing up some of my fondest memories of my Mom took place in the kitchen. She was an amazing cook and loved to share her recipes with others. The only thing she ever made, that wasn’t an absolute hit, was a huge pot of soup beans!! She had put them on early that morning and the smell of them cooking all day had us all anticipating a wonderful supper! Well, she had used a ham hock for flavor and had also added salt…(before the beans were cooked)!! I’ll tell you what, I can still taste those beans to this day! lol She ended up throwing them out because they were way too salty to eat and instead, made the most amazing pancakes I have ever tasted! (Who doesn’t love breakfast for supper)?!

I tried really hard to love those beans! We all did!! I remember being hurt for her, because to her, cooking a great meal for her family was important. In the end though, she just laughed and tossed those beans right out! She never let on if she was upset, she just went about making something else to fill our hungry bellies!

She has been gone over 5 years now and I miss her more every day. Before she left us, she did an AMAZING thing! She self published a cookbook! It was a surprise to all of us! She even had a book launch and a few book signing events in her local area. They flew off the shelves! I am still so proud of her for doing that, but most of all, I am THANKFUL! I use that cook book so much that it is actually falling apart!

I love you Mom! Rest easy up there! I’ve got supper tonight! ❤

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