To start off my vacation, I hit up my local #Kroger (They have done an amazing job during this pandemic), to purchase all of the ingredients needed for our “Staycation” meals! I don’t know about you, but grocery shopping as of late, has been hit and miss! Thankfully, the only miss today was paper towels! Luckily, they weren’t on the necessity list just yet! Today I found the shelves sufficiently stocked and even purchased some elusive hand sanitizer and a reusable, fabric, face mask for my husband. (2020 has been quite a ride so far)! Anyway, I just wanted to spread some positivity tonight. Thanks to the dedicated front line workers at #Kroger, I have a stocked pantry and fridge!! I also have a list of recipes, a love for great food and a wonderful audience to share my creativity with! Thanks for being here and following along with me! Your support means the world to me! Much love! ❤️ The Glitzy Gourmet

Date Night dinner coming soon!!! 😋😋😋

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