Y’all probably saw the pics I posted of the new recipe I created last weekend. The problem with being a recipe creator is remembering exactly how you made it the first time! I did end up grabbing a pen and paper and took some notes, but I’m not prepared to share this recipe just yet. I’ll need to make it again and get some estimates on the ingredients used. I am not a cook like that….. I hardly ever measure anything! I eyeball it, taste it and go from there! Some of these recipes may not be exact, but they will be pretty darn close! I have been cooking and creating recipes for over 40 years. I don’t know that I have ever followed a recipe, unless it was for a baked good (and even then, I have strayed and modified). Most recipes are personal preference for taste anyway….. So, having said that, please stay tuned for this amazing “Stuffed Salmon with Citrus Herbed Butter”! IT IS DEVINE!!! The only complaint Scott had was I didn’t make enough for seconds! (I wanted another helping as well)! lol

As always, thanks for being here!! I am loving all of views! Drop me a comment and let me know you are here!

Much love, The Glitzy Gourmet!

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